Crucial to the teaching and the preaching of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is the performance of the word of life in this day and age to demonstrate ability of God to do the impossible. To manifest the supernatural and almighty power of God, the Father of all who dwell in the universe is a matter of necessity.  This is because when Jesus Christ was ascending on high he said, “And these signs shall follow them that believe…” (Mark 16:17).

In life, there is what we might call the expected outcome and the exceptional outcomes.  For instance, we know that normally, when a person gets better educated or promotes his/her skills, they would either find work to do or create a work to do.  This is the expected outcome.

Then there is the unexpected outcome that reveals the involvement of the divine in the affairs of men.  For instance, when there is drought in a country, it is expected that nothing sown in the land will bring forth it yield with all the conditions of drought persisting.  Yet with the power of God, we read of a man who sowed in the drought season and harvested hundred fold more than the usual (Genesis 26:1-5,12).

It therefore stands to reason that, all who trust in God are natural candidates to experience the exceptional outcomes in life.  This what we call a miracle.  A miracle as defined by Dr Richard L. Purtill, professor of philosophy at Western Washington University is an event brought about by the power of God that is a temporary exception to the ordinary course of nature for the purpose of showing that God has acted in history.

Once in a while as believers in God, we need a miracle; that is, the tangible manifestation of the exceptional outcomes to the natural course in our lives.  This is to strengthen our faith and establish our resolve to love God and live for Him while He uses that miracle in drawing other non-believers to Himself.

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is replete with examples of numerous occasions where God has performed mighty miracles on behalf of His children.  We could talk about Noah’s rescue in Genesis 8 & 9, God providing a ram for sacrifice in Genesis 22:13, Elijah being fed by ravens and the widow in 1 Kings 17, Jesus and his disciples healing the sick, raising the dead, walking on water, and feeding the 5000 with 5 loaves and two fish, turning water into wine as found in the account of the Gospels. The list goes on and on and I believe God performs miracles to demonstrate five things:

  • He is with His Children and hears all those who call on His name all the time through prayer.
  • To prove to all men, especially non-believers that He exists
  • To demonstrate to all on earth that He alone has the ultimate power
  • To show that there is a supernatural reality present with us on earth
  • To demonstrate his love and interests in the welfare of the people of the earth

In our world today, there is a great dispute about the existence of God and the power of God to rule in the affairs men.  Despite this argument existing for such a long time, it appears to be hitting a crescendo in these last days.  The issue with the last days is that evil and difficult times are bound to happen. That is what scripture promises (2 Timothy 3:1-7). 

It is therefore paramount that God finds opportunities to showcase His exceptional power by providing exceptional outcomes to those who believe, trust and call on Him to intervene in their lives by doing the extraordinary or what I call the ‘wow-things’.  Just to show the world that He exists and is able to do all things.  This is why I am convinced that as believers, we must make it part of our expectations that God will continually show up mightily in our lives and perform the exceptional for us.

One thing about the miraculous that I have learnt in recent times is that, it defies all logic and does not make sense to the natural mind (1 Corinthians 2:14).  Hence, as believers, if we are going to walk in a realm where these exceptional outcomes occur, we should be careful about how we talk about testimonies of such occurrences in other people’s lives.  Especially, when the story appears to be too good to be true. 

However, we should test the authenticity of the story by the witness of the Holy Spirit within us because we are told in these last days that false miracles will occur.  We must therefore be vigilant in the Spirit by checking out the facts of the story to guard against all deceit. This is the only true way of validating miracles.

It is so easy to criticize, call it fake, condemn it and denigrate it with all sort of names.  I recall the story when Jesus performed a miracle in the temple on a Sabbath day, the leaders of the temple said that He was possessed by Beelzebul, the prince of demons and He warned them of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (Mark 3:1-30).

Personally, I believe those who are very critical and condescending towards the performance of miracles are in danger of this thing Jesus warned against.  To think of it, if Elohim is the creator of the entire universe, full of the most intelligent designs, and He did it being the spoken Word (Genesis 1&2), then what can we possibly not associate with His ability and unfathomable power in this world.

Is it making a woman without a womb give birth, or the person without hope of coming out of poverty, abuse and pain find wealth, peace and joy.  May be, the raising of the dead is such an impossible feat for a God who created man out of dust, or perhaps we are suggesting that He cannot open the eyes of blind, multiply bread and fish to feed thousands, or draw money out of the mouth fish.

Perhaps, turning the staff of Moses into a snake, and opening the sea for Israel to pass through on dry ground is such an impossibility. Let alone to talk about feeding them with the food of angels and preserving their lives and health and possessions for the duration the transition lasted in the dessert.

Beloved, it becomes unthinkable for me to even assume after reading these stories that God does not have power in this time, the 21st century, in the age of knowledge to still perform miracles.  I believe in miracles and a miracle working God.  He will continue to perform the impossible whether we acknowledge it or not.  He shall provide exceptional outcomes for all who trust and call on Him.

That is why my house and I believe we are made to experience the tangible evidence of God’s power to perform miracles in this day and age and to become witnesses to His great power and love.  We believe in miracles because we are living in one and expect God to do more.  Believe also and your expectation will be met and your joy will be complete.


     Y.A.N. Mensah


Apostolic Teacher/Author/Public Speaker

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