On the 20th of February, 2019, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and said, “It is important that when you are invited to the Queen’s palace, your dressing and behavior must reflect the values of the Queen and Standards of the Palace”

This word caused me to ponder on the preparations people make when they are invited to the Buckingham Palace.  They go to all lengths to ensure that they get all their mannerisms right before the Queen.  Then I wondered, as Christians, what efforts have we put in towards our daily appearance before our Great King.  How many Christians are even aware that receiving Christ was a response to the invitation to daily appear before our King’s Palace?

Invariably, the question I am asking is, do we go through all lengths to ensure we please Him?

As citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven (Ephesians 2:19), we are inevitably invited to come into the court of the King of Kings.  But isn’t it bizarre how we place less emphasis on how we prepare to come before the King?  This is what I believe the Spirit of the Lord was drawing my attention to, preparation to come before the King’s presence.  This is a daily request.

The word I received draws my attention to four core principles:

  • Values of the King
  • Kingdom Culture
  • Standards of the Palace
  • Required behavior before of the King

Let us take a brief look at what these principles are about.

The King’s Values

The king’s values are the essence of His Being.  This is His description as manifested in His behavior, mannerisms and beliefs.   The King that we serve, Jesus Christ, is the source and absolute of all morality.   He is a GOOD GOD.  That is the centrality of His values, His goodness.  Therefore everything that is Holy, wholesome, just, beautiful and pleasant is what makes up the values of our King.

This is why in His court or palace, all offices, instructions and workers must carry out their duties and responsibilities to reflect His values.

Kingdom Culture

Culture as we know it is the way of the people.  It includes the ideas, customs and social behavior of a particular people or society.  Essentially, these are the very embodiments upon which the standard of the Palace are built upon and it is the expression of the values of the Great King who sits enthroned.

Standards of the Palace

Standards typically tell us what is acceptable and what is not.  When we enter into the palace of Jesus Christ, the standard of behavior is everything He is.  All workers, guests and sons of the King must ensure their speech, actions and decisions are the exact reflection of the values of the King. 

Consequently, the most unwanted behavior in the palace is the life of sin.  The most acceptable behavior is the life of righteousness.  Righteousness is the expression of the mercy, goodness, love and justice of God.

Required Behavior before the King

As a member of the royal court of the King, you are therefore required to daily appear before the King and ensure that all your doings, including, speech, movement and thoughts reflect the desires of the King.  Some of the traits we must daily display in His presence include but not limited to:

Thanksgiving/ Gratitude Praise Singing
Awe/Reverence Eagerness Excitement
Manifesting kindness Implementing Justice Demonstrating Love
Acting in Mercy Being Gracious Daily Forgiving

So as we respond to the invitation of the King and come into His courts let us be mindful of these things.


     Y.A.N. Mensah

Apostolic Teacher/Author/Public Speaker

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