In the book of John 13:34 Jesus gives His followers a new command.  This command was an indicator to the requirement of the new life that was to be manifested after the coming of the Holy Spirit.

The expectation of the New Covenant is to live and function in love just as God does.  Love then becomes a mandatory requirement for all who come to God through Christ in the New Covenant.

What Is Love?

In 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, the Holy Spirit through His servant Paul, gives an insight into what love is.  Love in this passage is given a voice and a personality.  Love is…   Because love is, it is expected that all who have love become.

Love is thus not a feeling, a gesture or some butterfly in the stomach.  It is more than that.  It is the expected personality and character of every believer.  Consequently, love is something God expects every believer to become.

Therefore, the greatest commandment Jesus ever gave to all those who will ever follow him is not just to love but to BECOME love.

Thus, becoming love is the golden command left to us to fulfill.  How much of this have you become?


     Y.A.N. Mensah

Apostolic Teacher/Author/Public Speaker

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