All born again Christians are called to live in tents by the Spirit of the Lord especially in these last days.  This is because the expectation of the Father is that the Church (bride of Christ), eagerly await the coming of the bridegroom through the leading of the Spirit.

This is why we are called to live detached lives with respect to the principles and expectations of the ungodly world.  We are called to live unbound to our possessions in the earth.

The Bible says of Abraham, “By faith he lived as a foreigner in the promised land, as in a strange land, living in tents [as nomads] with Isaac and Jacob” (Hebrews 11:9; Genesis 13:18; 26:17).

Things to Notice

  • Abraham lived in the promised land:
    • The earth has been promised to the Church as their everlasting dwelling place.
  • He lived as a foreigner even though the Lord told him the land was his:
    • The bride of Christ is called to live as a foreigner in the earth in eager expectation of the great redemption of creation.
  • Living as a nomad does not mean live in abject poverty:
    • Even though Abraham lived with a nomad mentality, it did not prevent him and his family from exerting influence in the land that was allotted to him despite living in it as a stranger.
    • The children of God are called to exert influence in the land allotted to the righteous.
  • Prosperity was the result of living according to the leadings of the Spirit and voice of God:
    • The children of God are supposed to prosper to the dismay of the devil because with their wealth they can reclaim, redeem, restore and manifest the glory of God in the earth.  This can however only be achieved if we live according to the leadings and voice of the Spirit of God.

How the Early Church Missed it

The early church family missed this blessing.  This is essentially because they misinterpreted the saying that the earth is not our home and we were just passing through it to mean not having or exerting influence in the earth.

Even though this mentality made them cling onto the hope of eternity like never before, it robbed the family of God of their befitting stature in the earth as children of the Glorious God the whole universe.

Consequently, the church has lost greater influence over governance, commerce, education, legislation and anything that has to do with dominating the earth.  This is why it has spent the major parts of the 21st century trying to recover these blessings in the last days.

Remember, Jesus told us to occupy till he comes (Luke 19:13) and also to that all creation is eagerly awaiting for the manifestation of the sons of God (Romans 8:19).

This is why like never before, we must begin to pursue the concept of Nomadic living.  I want to highlight three (3) essential principles of real tent living for the Christian.

Three Essential Principles of Tent Living

1.           Life of stewardship not ownership:  Many have missed the true understanding of the principle of stewardship.  Stewardship for the believer implies whatever is owned belongs to the Lord because all that they have originates from Him.  He, The Lord, can therefore ask us to give it to whomever He wills or dispense it however He determines.

2.           Tent living is basically our lifestyle of transition:  To the nomad, he goes where the pasture is, thus it is the vegetation that determines his movements.  In this same way, the believer in Jesus Christ is supposed to go wherever the Spirit of God directs him or her because He is the Good Shepherd who leads us into green pastures.

3.           Living according to the Leadings of the Spirit:  The Christian goes wherever the Spirit wills.   The moment we abandon this principle it will be very difficult to have people become missionaries and evangelists.  This is because the worship of God we will be fixated in localized areas only (Worshipping in built temples).  Nobody will move to send the gospel anywhere. 

Benefits of Practicing Tent Living

  • The great commission will be fulfilled because God will always get people to go where He wants them to go.
  • The children of God get the opportunity to live a life of increasing trust and faith in God.  This enables them to grow and mature quickly
  • Helps to raise Holy Spirit dependent believers
  • Through tent living we are able to spread the influence of God all over the world.
  • We learn to be givers with hope, joy and love

Are you living according to this concept?  If you are not then I am encouraging to start practicing now.


     Y.A.N. Mensah

Apostolic Teacher/Author/Public Speaker

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